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Go Go Speaks:

The Heartbeat of a Culture


About the Book

     Go Go Speaks: The Heartbeat of a Culture is the highly anticipated book by Jill Greenleigh, award
winning journalist, PR, Manager and advocate of Go Go, the homegrown music of Washington, DC and
the culture that embodies it. She has spent over 35 years in the DC music industry- specifically Go Go.
In the book, you will hear from the pioneers, the musicians, the fans and the movers and shakers who
have dedicated their lives to Go Go- the music signed into law as the official music of Washington, DC in
2020. This music has provided a voice to the sometimes voiceless and provided successful careers for
many people who share their joys and struggles on the local, national and international levels within
the pages of this book. This book is for anyone who wants to learn about the music, those who are a
part of it and anyone in between. It’s the Go Go Community telling the story in its own words and voice.

About Jill Greenleigh

     Jill Greenleigh has been involved in the Go Go industry, first as a fan, when she first heard Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers’ 1978 hit song, “Bustin’ Loose” on the school bus. Even at the age of 11, she
knew that this was like nothing she’d heard before. After spending all of her weekly allowance, about
$1.00 in the late 1970’s, making trips to Douglas Records and other outlets to pick up the latest music
from those early Go Go groups that grew up right alongside Jill. She was able to parlay her love for the
music and the culture into being able to work in the industry with the people who brought her so much
musical joy over the many years. Jill has been able to foster the relationships that it takes to make
people feel comfortable speaking with her as a trusted and reputable source which has fueled her
writing career over the decades. She’s worked in many capacities in the genre- journalist, PR, band
manager and advocate, counselor and confidant. She has written for Straight from the Street, Word
Up!, Rapmasters, Page One, Dance Music Authority and to name a few

Here's what people are saying:

Jill is a true industry insider; not just the local music scene, but beyond. I first met her in the late 80’s.
She’s also managed to keep her finger on the pulse of entertainment happenings, giving her writtenarticles keen eyesight and credibility.

She’s a trusted source of information, and a confidant for that which could be considered “off the
record”, which is how and why people can open up to her without hesitation. In short, if it’s in print and
her name is on it, it’s bankable!


-Greg Boyer, musician, Prince, Maceo Parker, Parliament Funkadelic, Chuck Brown

I remember meeting Jill in 1990 when I was hired as Def Jam’s DMV regional manager. What was, and
still is, remarkable about her was her love for the local music scene; Go-Go. But more than that, she was

always willing to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever one was needed. And she did it for the
love of the music. A big shout out for that!

The mid-Atlantic region, especially Washington, DC, was a special place in the 80's/ 90's for the music
scene. R&B, Go-Go, Hip-Hop and House music intertwi
ned with each other and with the nation’s biggest
radio rivalry between WKYS & WPGC, made the nation’s capital music scene dynamic and musically
alive. And I’m here to say that Jill was an integral part of that music scene.

-Thomas Lytle, Def Jam Records

Since Jill has worked with a lot of the prominent groups and individuals in the Go Go
Community, I’m sure there are many factual and entertaining stories that are included.

- Andre“Whiteboy” Johnson, Rare Essence

“I met Jill Greenleigh at the transitional period of my Go Go success- locally to nationally, with the song
and dance, “Da Butt”. Jill’s contribution to us (the Go Go Community) is impeccable. She’s a real Go Go
icon and she really loves the culture.”



- Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliott, EU

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